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Comic Collectors Networks

The Comic Collectors Network (CCN) was born out of a love for comic books and a desire to develop a better way for collectors to buy, sell and track the comics that we collect.

CCN is part inventory management and part community. Dedicated to comics and collectibles only.

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Train Track and Times

Are you tired of arriving at a training station, only to stare at the board to find out what track your train is leaving on?

Then T3 is the app for you. T3 allows you to retrieve track information and schedules for the selected station in real-time.

So, next time you are in a cab and running late, just pull out your windows phone, startup T3, and you'll know exactly what track your train is on and what time it is leaving.

Available on 

Microsoft, Apple and Google Play store

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Econ 101 - Supply and Demand

App allows you to manipulate the inputs for Supply and Demand see slope the shifts in curve

Changes in Supply & Demand curves can be challenging for beginning economic students. The curves are based on formulas that can have not only a price variable but two or more coefficients. Changing anyone of these can impact the curves in different ways. 

This app allows you to manipulate the individual basic inputs for Supply and Demand to see instantly the effects on the slope or shifts in the curves.

Available on 

Microsoft Store

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Invoice PDF Extraction Service

Developed for Mettel in New York, this service automates the manual process of downloading telecom invoices from over 65 vendors Mettel does business with.  Resulting is reduction man power, and an increase in productivity.

Web Server Health Monitor

As a network administrator, one the many task needs todo is monitor the uptime of web servers.  Although there are many tools on the market, they all tend to be geared towards monitoring all aspects of network and server performance / configuration and can be complicated and/or expensive. The goal of the is application is provide a simple, easy to use product targeted towards monitoring web-sites.  

The application provides an easy to use interface which allows the end user simply to specify the URL of the site that needs to be monitored and will check that URL every 60 seconds to determine if it is responding or note.  It can also be configured to send email and toast notifications when a specific site as not responding with in the last five minutes.  As well as notifications when the site comes back online.

Available on 

Microsoft Store

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